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We've lost our community of support.


The most common experience of new parents is a feeling of isolation.

Once you start feeling normal again, your child changes, and you feel overwhelmed and insecure all over again. 

Having support pulls you out of the isolation and overwhelm. You gain confidence in your ability to do what is best for your child.


There are too many conflicting ideas and opinions.


Everyone has an opinion about the right way to parent. So we Google our questions, which leaves us with more questions and self doubt

Not knowing who to listen to, creates a fear of messing up and squashing your child's spirit.

When you get clear on what works for your family, you are able to ignore the opinions and social pressures of others.


Adults and children communicate differently. 


You want to help your crying child. If you could only understand what the problem was.

Babies and children are information monsters. They get into everything, because they want to know everything.

Frustration and unnecessary struggles are eliminated when you connect with how your child sees the world.


Magic happens when we gather together.


I created this community center as a place to gather families together

It's also my way of bringing amazing practitioners to one place.

If you are in the Metro Denver Area we would love for you to stop in for a class, group or workshop.