Play is the work of the child

Play as a Process of Learning

What we often call play is a child’s:

  • Scientific Exploration of the World

Just as a scientist runs an experiment in the laboratory, young children run experiments through play.  First they observe how the environment reacts to what they do, than they make a hypothesis or guess as to why it happens, next they make changes in their play to discover if they are correct.  After the play is complete they have created a theory to explain the way the world works.

  • Social Role Investigation

Children take on the roles of adults to understand the parameters of each role and how you accomplish the goals of the role.  Modeling the behaviors we want our children to learn is most effect due to this type of play and social exploration.

  • Physical Development

As children play they discover new ways to use their body as well as practice and prefect the skills they already have.  In these early years the connection between body development and intellectual development are very connected.  As a child’s physical abilities become more refined they are able to create more complex interactions and understanding.

Next week look for more on play and the young child.