The Family Room

After 11 years on my own, teaching and working in other peoples location, I am finally opening my own space. 

I am super excited to be growing my business and look forward to seeing old and new faces at THE FAMILY ROOM.

I have also teamed up with two really fabulous women. Sarah Murane and Rachelle Kachelries. Sarah and I wrote the Birth Knowledge childbirth education class together about 8 years ago, and Rachelle interned with me last year. The are beautiful, powerful women who I will be adding posts about more later. But come meet them if you don't know them already.

Our address is: 400 S Logan Street Denver 80209

that is the corner of Logan and Dakota St, just one block south of Alameda.

Getting everything up and running as really been a labor of love and we are excited about birthing the vision into reality. We have big dreams are are current location and offerings are just a tiny scratch at the surface.

Our new website will be up soon but you can get our schedule by clicking here