A Level of Support to Meet Your Needs

Only get the support you need.

I strive to provide many different options. You should be able to get the support you want and need, whatever your budget.

Listed below are the different options you can choose for one-on-one support


Informational Call

15 minutes

FREE Book Now

Wondering about the best way to move forward? 

An Informational Call gives us a chance to chat about your situation. We'll discuss the main areas I see for improvement, and what options for support would work best.  You can ask me about anything, from my philosophy and approach to whatever else you want to know!

It's important to me we're a good fit. 

Email Support

$20 Book Now

Do you have a quick question you want to send over email? Buy and schedule an email appointment. Once it's scheduled send your email to [email protected] I will answer your email during your scheduled Email Support Appointment.

Be sure to be very thorough! Without good information I'm limited in how much I can reply. I may send a few follow up questions to make sure I have the information needed to give you a meaningful response.

Email Support includes up to 3 responses in the email chain. Once I've responded 3 times, I'll stop responding to that email chain. If you wish to continue, you'll need to purchase and schedule another Email Support Appointment. 

Email support is best for those who I've worked with before, or if you have a very simple question. 

Mini Coaching & Consulting Session
30 minutes

$70 Book Now

Have a list of questions you need answers to? 

Mini Sessions are for asking questions and getting tips and ideas. There isn't time to create a step by step plan, but lots of information can be given in a Mini Session.  

Mini Sessions are best when you have specific questions or for follow up.

Your session will be recorded and you'll be emailed a copy of the audio.

Coaching & Consulting Session
60 minutes

$135 Book Now

A Coaching & Consulting Session gets you a full hour of solution creation.  

Once your appointment is scheduled you'll fill out the Intake form. This gives me the background of the situation as well as your goals. I'll review your form and start your session by clarifying the situation and your goals.

Next, we'll discuss developmentally appropriate causes and solutions.

By the end of your session you'll have definite steps for improving the situation you're struggling with. There is no follow up included in this option.

Your session will be recorded and you'll be emailed a copy of the audio.

Basic Support Package

$175 Book Now

A $205 Value

Includes: Intake Form, 1 - Hour Coaching & Consultation Session, 1- 30 minute Follow Up Call

This Basic Support Package starts with your Coaching & Consulting Session, as described above.

Your follow up call can be used in a few different ways. Sometimes we need to use the call within a couple of weeks to either tweak the original plan or move on to the next step of the solution. Others will find they're doing well after the first session. They can save the follow up for when the next bump in the road happens. Your follow up call is available for 6 months after the purchase of the package. So you can use it when you need it. 

Your sessions will be recorded and you'll be emailed a copy of the audio.

Extended Support Package

$285 Book Now

A $345 Value

Includes: Intake form, 1 hour Initial Consultation, 3- 30 minute Follow Up Calls

The Extended Support Package is the same as the Basic Support Package, but you get more follow up support.

This Package is useful for the families who have more steps to get through to meet their goals. Or, if you're like me, you want more accountability in making sure you follow through. 

 Your sessions will be recorded and you'll be emailed a copy of the audio.

Comprehensive Support Package

$535 Book Now

A $685 Value

Include: Intake Form, 1 Hour Initial Consultation, 5 - 30 minute Follow Up Calls, Unlimited Email Support for 8 weeks

This package is designed for the family who wants to be fully supported in putting solutions into place. After filling out the intake form, there is an initial 60 minute coaching & consultation. During this first consultation, a plan is created.

You have 12 weeks to use your follow up calls, but it is recommended to use one call a week for the first 4 weeks and then every other week after that. Emails are highly encouraged in-between calls. Emails can include updates, questions, and overviews of how sleep is progressing.

If you need a payment plan for this option email me at [email protected] and I will set one up for you. Payments can be divided into 2, 3, or 4 payments.

Your session will be recorded and you'll be emailed a copy of the audio.

By purchasing any support through this website, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions for Patience Parenting Services, LLC. Follow the link to read or download the Terms & Conditions.

Interested In Group Support?

Being in community with other families is often the best kind of support we can get.


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