Coaching & Consulting Session are done on Zoom or in my office at The Family Room.  A confirmation email will be sent to you will important information about preparing for your Appointment.  

15 minute Informational Call

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Do you want a little more information before you move forward with a full consultation? An information call is to give you a change to chat with me about your situation and my work before you move forward with a consultation support.

Email Support

$20 Book Now

Do you have a quick question you want to send over in an email? Once you buy and schedule your email appointment, send an email to I will answer your email during the time to scheduled your Email Support Appointment. Be sure to be very thorough in providing the information about the situation. Without good information I am limited in how much I can reply in your email. I may send you a few follow up questions to make sure I have all the information I need to give you a meaningful response. Email Support includes up to 3 responses in the email chain. Once I have responded 3 times. I will not respond to any other emails in that email chain. If you wish to continue, you will need to purchase and schedule another Email Support Appointment.

30 Minute Mini Coaching & Consulting Session

$70 Book Now

Many times a family just needs a quick meeting or phone call. With this Mini Session you get to describe the situation, ask all your questions and get tips and ideas for making life a better one for the entire family.

60 Minute Coaching & Consulting Session

$135 Book Now

The one time 60 Minute session  get a full hour of undivided attention to your family. In the hour we will review your Intake form, and define your goals. Next we will go over developmentally appropriate solution options. We will go over steps to implementing changes. By the end of your consultation you will have some definite steps for improving the situation you are struggling with. There is no follow up included in this option.

Basic Support Package

$175 Book Now

A $205 Value

Includes: Intake Form, 1 Hour Initial Consultation, 1- 30 minute Follow Up Call

This Basic Support Package starts with filling out the intake form. The intake form provides a complete picture of your situation,  allowing us to spend more time creating a plan during our appointment. The first appointment is an hour and we focus on defining your goals for sleep and developmentally appropriate options for reaching those goals. Then we create a plan for getting you to your goals. An audio recording of our session will be sent to you within 2 business days of our meeting. 

Extended Support Package

$285 Book Now

A $345 Value

Includes: Intake form, 1 hour Initial Consultation, 3- 30 minute Follow Up Calls

 The Extended Support Package is for the family that needs a little more then one follow up call, but don't need the full comprehensive package.  You get everything that is included in the Basic Sleep Package, but you get a couple more follow up calls. These extra calls allows us to make sure you and your child are well on your way to meeting your goals.   

Comprehensive Support Package

$500 Book Now

A $685 Value

Include: Intake Form, 1 Hour Initial Consultation, 5 - 30 minute Follow Up Calls, Unlimited Email Support for 8 weeks

This package is designed for the family who wants to be fully supported in putting solutions into place. After filling out the intake form, there is an initial 60 minute coaching & consultation. During this first consultation, a plan is created.  You will be sent an audio recording of your session within 2 business days of you initial consultations. You have 8 weeks to use your follow up calls, but it is recommended to use one call a week for the first 4 weeks and then every other week after that. Emails are highly encouraged through out the week in-between calls. Emails can include updates, questions, and overviews of how sleep goes everyday and night. If you need a payment plan for this option call us at 303-356-6244 and we will set one up for you. Payment can be divided into 2, 3, or 4 payments.

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