Introducing Solids

How and When to starting adding complimentary foods into your baby's diet is a questions for many new parents. The answer is currently in a stage of great change. There is currently tons of research being done looking at  nutritional needs, the affects of breastfeeding vs formula feeding, and timing of introduction on allergies.

The information is becoming quite varied and it can leave a parent a little confused.

  • Should we do purees or solids?
  • When should be introduce wheat?
  • Do we wait to expose to nuts?

These are valid questions that can be difficult to get a strait answer too. 

Just like adults have different food needs, infant and young child can different greatly in when they are ready to start eating. They will also differ on how much they will eat at any one meal, or though out the day.

This class covers:

  • When to start: what the organizations say and the latest research
  • Development: what makes a baby ready to start
  • Purees vs Whole foods: which is right for you and what new research has to say
  • Early eating goals: what to expect and aim for
  • Kinds of food to offer
  • How much and how often your baby should eat
  • Choking and Gagging
  • Chasing Nutritional needs 6-24 months
  • Logistics of feeding baby