I have been a public speaker for 20 years. I speak at groups, events, and conferences for both parents and professionals. I also do trainings for preschool teachers, doulas, nurses, nannies, and other professionals who work with parents and young children. 



Infant Sleep, Toddler Sleep, Sleep Development, Evidence-based Sleep, Sleep Research, Sleep Safety, SIDS.


Positive Discipline, Supportive Social Learning, Positive Discipline in the Classroom, Toddler Behaviors, Preventing Behavior Issues, Supporting a Difficult Child.

Sibling Relationships

Prepping for New Baby, Supporting Positive Sibling Relationships, Decreasing Sibling Rivalry, Normal Sibling Interact Expectations, Changes in Sibling Relationships Over Time.

Potty Training

Development of Controlling the Bladder and Bowel, The Critical Period of Toileting, Biology vs Culture, Potty Training in the Classroom.

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Working with Parents

Parents-Teacher Communication, Building Parent-School Partnership, Becoming a Parenting Professional.