Your unique family deserves unique support.

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Vulnerability Leads to Uncertainty

Everyone has an opinion about the right way to parent. Not knowing who to listen to creates a fear of messing up. You fear you'll either be too tough or too wishy washy. Having a point person who focuses on your personal goals will decrease your stress and increase your confidence.


Will it really make a difference?

Spending your time, energy and money on support can feel scary.

With any kind of therapy or coaching the results are a combination of what is given to you and what you do with it.

With over 20 years of experience I know parenting is better when there's support. 

Areas of Specialty

These are the areas you're most likely to run into issues. They're also the areas with hugely conflicting schools of thought. Or, there are too many ideas making it hard to find the one that fits your family . I focus on giving you practical tools to change the interactions you have with your child. Theory is lovey, but it doesn't help when the child is a mess in the middle of the grocery store, or awake in the middle of the night.

"Patience is impressively up to date on the latest research. Her advice always makes sense, always feels right for our baby, and always helps reduce stress in our lives."

Kristen Mah
Mother of 1

Getting Started

Four steps to beginning our work together.





Never worry about missing information.

Supporting you is my favorite part of the day. To make sure you get the most our of our work together, I record every session. You can listen, share and re-listen to our meeting as many time as you need. 

Levels of Support

Support to fit your budget and needs

Mini Coaching & Consulting Session
30 minutes

$70 Book Now

Have a list of questions you need answers to? 

Mini Sessions are for asking questions and getting tips and ideas. There isn't time to create a step by step plan, but lots of information can be given in a Mini Session.  

Mini Sessions are best when you have specific questions or for follow up.

Your session will be recorded and you'll be emailed a copy of the audio.

Coaching & Consulting Session
60 minutes

$135 Book Now

A Coaching & Consulting Session gets you a full hour of solution creation.  

Once your appointment is scheduled you'll fill out the Intake form. This gives me the background of the situation as well as your goals. I'll review your form and start your session by clarifying the situation and your goals.

Next, we'll discuss developmentally appropriate causes and solutions.

By the end of your session you'll have definite steps for improving the situation you're struggling with. There is no follow up included in this option.

Your session will be recorded and you'll be emailed a copy of the audio.

Unsure what level of support is right for you?

Support Packages

Packages provide more support and check ins as you implement changes in your home.

Basic Package


save $30


1- 60 Minute Consultation

1- 30 Minute Follow Up Call


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Extended Package


save $60


1- 60 Minute Consultation

3 - 30 Minute Follow Up Calls


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Comprehensive Package


save $150

1-60 Minute Consultation

5-7 30 Minute Follow Up Calls

Email Support

Text Support

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Still Deciding?

I get it!

Asking for help can feel like failing. This is suppose to be intuitive, right?

Maybe your still unsure I'm the right person to support you. Perhaps you're unsure which level of support is the right one for you.

I'd love to chat to help you decide.


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