We all have bad days

Bad Day is not Bad Parenting

Do you remember that book Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day? It is about Alexander and how everything in his day goes wrong. He can't catch a break. He wishes he could just move to Australia. At the end of the book his mother tells him, "Some days are like that."

Some days are like that. Sometimes a bad day is caused by a specific thing. Other times it is just a cascade of small inconveniences. You may be tired or stressed. Or your child slept horrible the night before. We often make it more difficult by thinking we should not be having a bad day.

We think If we are having a bad day, it means we are a bad parent. We also think if our child is having a bad day, we must have done something wrong in our parenting that our child is not in a good mood all the time. 

Having a bad day is part of life. You are going have days where your parenting is less then. Your normal ability to be patient or calm is just not there. And your child is going to have days where it seems they have forgotten everything you ever thought them. 

On these kind of days it is best to just moving. Move from one thing to the next without getting tripped up on how the day was suppose to go. Or if you have the time, join your child on the floor and have a good cry with them. You may be surprised how much better you feel. 

Bad days are not a reflection of your parenting. They are just a part of human life.