Picking & Prepping for Preschool

This class is designed to help parents navigate the world of choosing the right preschool for you child and family.
We will take a look at the many different options available from parents day out programs to structured academic style schools and everything in-between.
We will discuss how to decide which program is best for your needs and wants.
We will go over things to look for that will help you know the quality of a program and staff of a school or child care.
We will also review the registration process, when it needs to start looking, when you need to decided and when to officially get on the list, based on when you want to get your child to start.
Patience Bleskan was a preschool teacher for 7 years before she started her parent education business. She has also been on the other side in deciding what programs she would use for her own children. She loves to share this information with families because choosing a preschool and later elementary school is one of the the harder tasks as a parent.