June 24, 2017



with Patience Bleskan


"Nothing makes peeing and pooping harder than feeling stressed. We have to keep potty training fun and funny"

I know you are having a little fear and hesitation about potty training. 

You have heard all the horror stories. 

The friend who's kid is addicted to gummy bears. The sister in-law who is still putting her 4 year old in a diaper to poop. The child next-door who pees all over the house. 

You have heard about all the power struggles and the messes

Is it possible to get your child out of diapers without stress and struggle?

Yes, yes and YES!!

When learning to use the toilet is part of the normal developmental and learning process, it becomes simple and enjoyable. 

Using my approach to potty training: 

You avoid power struggles.

Create an encouraging successful environment

Allow for the individual needs of your child

Get a new perspective on the process. 

You'll be excited to work with your child. 

Waiting for potty readiness before teaching toilet-ing skills, is like waiting until your child is 6 years old to teach the alphabet.

You start teaching pre-literacy many years before you expect reading to happen.

Learning to use the toilet is the same. There are pre-toileting skills your child needs to learn too! 

If you are thinking about potty training, you are ready for this class. 

Potty training is both developmental and learned. After attending class you will fully understand how to support your child's individual needs in mastering toilet-ing. 

Patience is amazing, our mantra for a while has been WWPD? or What Would Patience Do? But after your diaper free before three class last Saturday... it’s pretty much set in stone now. We came home took diaper off, brought potty in the room we were, proceeded to carry it with us as we moved about house...have not changed a poopy diaper since, only 3 missed pee’s or what we call “oh my god look how close you got”. We love you, seriously we LOVE you! Thanks for everything, literally from sleep, to poo you are our saving grace!
— Ashley L. Denver, Co

How the online class works

There are 2 parts to your online class.

Part one: a set of videos to watch on your time.

Part two: a live session with me. 

72 hours before your scheduled live session you will be emailed the link to the video portion of the class. The videos are broken down into 15-20 min each so you can watch them in the spare moments you have throughout your day. 

Be sure to watch ALL THE VIDEOS before logging into your live session!! 

The live session is at 8pm. Log in and get the final step by step as well as answers to all your questions.  

I will record the live session. If you miss it you can watch it later. But the live session is your chance to ask questions. So I encourage you to take advantage of being on the live session.