Discipline with YES!

The tools for parenting with influence.

There's an idea in your head of the parent you want to be. This class will bring her to life.

You may be having behavior problems and looking for ways to correct and stop them. You may be finding your little one resisting your requests, or just looking for more information to better prepare yourself for helping your child in the future. All of these are prefect reasons for taking this class.

Toddlers and young children make sense of the world in a very different way than we do as adults or even older children. Helping your young child through the process of learning the social skills of right behaviors in the right places can be difficult, but is even more difficult without a clear understanding of how the child understands the environment and situations where they find themselves.

This class is designed to provide parents and care takers with information in decoding behavior and finding the simplest ways to teach young children how to act.

Are you dealing with-

  • Tantrums
  • Biting
  • Hitting
  • Refusing (Saying No)
  • Attention Seeking
  • Talking Back
  • Difficulty getting out the door

What we cover-

Week 1: Redefining Discipline

Week 2: Switching from No to Yes

Week 3: The Child's Perspective/Development

Week 4: Emotions and Their Impact

Week 5: Giving and Making Choices

Week 6: Your Tool Box

Saturdays 11-12:30pm

June 1 - July 6


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