Birth of a Sibling

The How-To of prepping your child for a new baby in the house. 

How do you make sure your child is ready to welcome new baby?

There's more to do prepping for the new baby then saying "We're having a baby!"

Adding another child to your family is not just the birth of a baby, it's the birth of siblings. You're creating a brand new relationship, a sibling relationship. 

It's a big transition for everyone and can be difficult for the new big brother or sister.

Children who are not prepared for the new baby can suffer from: increased aggression, regression of new skills, develop bad sleep habits, begin to act out or have jealousy. 

The struggles can be avoided.

With a few simple conversations and some easy tips you and your family can enjoy the new addition to your family without wondering if your older child is getting what they need or who the crazy child is that seems to be inhabiting your sweet little ones body.

In this class we discuss:

  • What your child needs to know before the new baby arrives.

  • How to tell your child what they need to know.

  • Managing your child's care and expectations during the birth, like whose taking care of them and when they will see you.

  • Normalizing negative feelings about the new baby.

  • Teaching how to touch and play with baby

  • What to do when both children need you at the same time.

  • Strategies for making everyone (even you) feel taken care of.

  • How you parent differently with two.

  • And More!

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