Talking with Toddlers #5: Timing is Everything

Waiting is difficult. Waiting for other people is the hardest kind of waiting.

Toddlers can be some of the slowest people around.

Sometimes they are slow simply because they are easily distracted. The distraction is a built in brain design for learning, get use to it.  Other times they are slow because they don't want to do want ever is being asked of them. But mostly, they are slow because the toddler brain processes at a slower rate. 

The neurological system of the infant is extremely immature. The toddler has come a long way, but is still working to create the more complex pathways of knowing. This makes the speed of the neurological connections slow. Especially when your toddler is processing language.

When someones talks to you, your brain goes through a lot of steps to make meaning. First, you hear the words, then your brain interprets them as words. Then you code the words for meaning. Once you understand what was said you decide...

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