But don't over stress about it.

Getting things down on paper can change the way we see it.

You're an amazing parent! Know how I know? You're reaching out for help when you need it.  

You honor me by trusting me with the wellbeing of your family. 

You deserve to get the most out of your appointment.

Here is a quick to do list for getting the most out of our time together.

1. Fill out the Intake Form. 

The Intake Form gets us off to a running start. The more thorough you can be the better. I will have to ask fewer questions,  and we get to focus on the solution.

2. If your appointment is about sleep- Start tracking your child's sleep.

Usually keeping a really close watch on the exact sleep, is not a good idea. Yet when we are working on changing sleep, the more information I have the easier it is to find the cause of the problems. 

3. Make sure you have installed on your computer or device. 

Zoom is the platform I use for appointments. It's super easy and free for you to install. You can get it on your computer or favorite device. 

Here is a link to download Zoom.

If you want to just call in you can do that too. Be sure you have marked the phone preference on your intake form. I will send you the call in information in an email.

4. Have your Zoom appointment information saved where you can find it at your appointment time.

Your Appointment Confirmation Email will have the information for connecting to your appointment. Each and every appointment has its own link or call number. I will start the call/video within 5 minutes of your appointment time. (Sometime I have to run to the bathroom or get a drink so you get my undivided attention.)

5. Start a list of questions.

Once you've booked your appointment and sent the intake form,  lots of questions may start popping up. Write them down! If you can start a list we can make sure we get them answered during your call.

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