Diaper Free Before 3

Developmental Potty Training

Getting Started

If you're thinking about potty training at all it's time to get started.

Let me ask you this- Are you doing anything to prepare you child to learn to read? 

Of course you are!

There are tons of way to prep your child for toilet-ing.

Getting your child familiar with and practicing pre-potty skills makes the entire process SO MUCH EASIER!


Toilet-ing is a combination of development and learning

Just like walking your child has to be at the right developmental stage and fall down often before mastering the new skill.

"I’m so glad that I attended your class and got to hear first hand that potty training really can be a very natural process. It takes a lot of commitment right now on my part, but the payoff of getting him out of diapers sooner rather than later is huge! It’s so funny to me when I hear other mom’s comment about how “lucky” I am that he is potty training so early. I don’t think of it as luck, but that my son is fully capable, so why not?!"


Success Without the Stress

Learning doesn't take place in a day or a weekend.

You may be just starting to think about potty learning. Maybe you have hit a wall, or you are having some setbacks with helping your child transition out of diapers. In any of these situations you will find answers in Diaper Free before 3.

This class is designed to teach parents the natural process children go through to learn to control the bladder and bowel. When you know what to look for, and what to respond to, helping your child becomes simple. You will learn the importance of parent attention while allowing your child to lead the process in the way that is best for them.

Child development research shows that all normal developing children have the ability to be out of diapers between ages 18 months and 3. If your child is older than three you can still learn how to get your child out of diapers quickly and happily.

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