Sexually Healthy Households

Sexuality is more than sex. 

It's an important aspect of your child's development.

If you ignore this major area of development you leave the door open for others to influence your child.


  • How Do I answers my child’s questions?
  • What does my child need to know?
  • How do I teach my values to my child?
  • What do I do if I don’t want to talk with my child?

If you're like me, the education you received around sexuality was pieced together from tv shows, the media, and friends.

You maybe have had a sex ed class in school. 

Few of us had real conversations with our parents about sex. 

Never mind sexual orientation, gender identity, body image, or consent.

More and more we can't avoid these topic. Regardless of what you think or believe about sexuality. 

If we want to impact our cultural ideas about these topics, we have to talk about them with our children.

Sexually Healthy Households is a workshop to support you in navigating these conversations.

The first thing we do in Sexually Healthy Households or SHH-(I kind of love that the abbreviation for the class is the sound we make to be quiet.) is make sure you have a well rounded understanding of sexuality.

Then we want you to be clear on what you think and believe.

You have to know your own ideals and values before you can teach your child.

Once you've discovered your unique family dynamic around the topic of sexuality, we look at the development of sexuality.

As in all development, there are milestones each child goes through in the development of sexuality.

When you know what to expect your won't be thrown when your son ask, "Why does my penis get big?" or when you walk into a room where your daughter and her friend are now naked.


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Saturday April 6



A Deep Dive into Sexuality for One Day

How you'll spend the day

8:45 am Arrive and Check In

9:00 am Introductions, Setting Ground Rules and Getting Comfortable with Each Other. 

9:30 am Going Over the Research and Understanding the Impact of Adults on Childhood Experience and Self Acceptance. 

10:00 am The Spheres of Sexuality Discussion

11:00 pm An Exploration of Your Values Activity: Getting to know your own beliefs

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Partner Discussions: Creating an Understanding of Sexuality with Your Parenting Partner.

2:00 pm Sharing insights from Partner Discussions

2:30 pm The Questions Children Ask: What they want to and need to know at different ages.

3:30 pm Answering Questions: The best way to answer without overwhelming you or your child.

4:30 pm Safety and Consent: What's okay when, and with who.

5:30 pm Final Questions and Wrap Up

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