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OPAL Community Membership

$39.00 USD every month

Have you ever wished you could have an expert on speed dial to ask the parenting questions you have the moment you need the answer? This Monthly Membership Subscription is that support for you.  Books, articles, blogs can be a great resource. Yet applying them to your child, in your home can be tricky. This monthly subscription gives you the chance to ask your questions in real time. It's my chance to give you real tools and understanding for what you need support with right now.


Developmental Potty Training: Diaper Free Before 3!

$125.00 USD

Learning to use the toilet is the same a learning to walk. A normal developmental process where practice, encouragement and a few accidents are all part of the process.  If you're ready to learn the ins and outs of normal healthy developmentally base potty training get started now. This course will take you through the steps you need to honor your child's natural progression while creating a sense of excitement and importance around learning to use the toilet. 


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